Building Those Bicep Peaks

Sure you have twenty inch arms but are your peaks up to par? It’s okay mine aren’t either. Obviously we know your TRIcep has three heads well if that’s true then your Biceps has two heads. So in order to build those peaks and make your arms almost immaculate you have to think smarter and work harder. No worries here’s how.

Try implementing these exercises into your next workout. Incline bench dumbbell curl, since your upper arms remain behind the plane of your body it provides a great stretch to the long head. Another great way to focus in on those peaks is simply grip! Obviously none of us are new to the standing barbell curls but just a couple inches in grip can make a big towering difference with your peaks. For example, hold the bar two inches or so inward from your shoulders really straining more on the long head which is the head that creates that peak and separation when you flex.

Some extra pieces of advice, do train biceps twice a week. Biceps are a smaller muscle whose recovery time is much quicker as opposed to muscles like your legs or back. That being said add in biceps every three or four days. Now that being your “do”, now “don’t” train biceps before back. After, yes, again they’re a smaller muscle so you’re safe but if you train back then biceps since both are pulling muscles you’re going to suffer in efficiency during your bigger workout being your back workout. So flip it and kill it! Remember it doesn’t have to be difficult it does have to be thoughtful.

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