Front Squat VS. Back Squat

Getting a little stuck on leg days? Bored and/or not seeing results? Well you’re not alone. Most people jump straight to squats, leg press and extensions and that’s the bulk of their workout. While there is nothing wrong with that because i’ll be honest that was me about two years ago. As beneficial as back squats are front squats are just as if not more. Why you ask? Well let’s compare and contrast a little.

Back squats target the posterior half more that being the glutes and hamstrings. Back squats are also good for high rep fatiguing sets as opposed to the more concentrated light front squats. Back squats are more common when it comes to weight and strength hence the popularity and importance in reference to powerlifters. Front squats on the other hand emphasize your quadriceps more as well forcing you to engage your core more given the extra emphasis on upright posture and balance when performing the movement also a more common exercise amongst olympic athletes.

Try this as a variation next time, front squats on your quadricep days and back squats on your hamstring and glute days. Or vary week to week between the two. Both increase mobility and strength and will hit all parts of your legs front and back more equally really dialing in that symmetry.

Now like most debates in bodybuilding before deciding on anything whether it be training or diet styles you must first access your own personal goal. What are you working towards? Symmetry wise where are you lacking? You have to be your own critic here don’t neglect one muscle group just because of personal preference or comfortability. Push your boundaries that’s the only way to rally grow those stubborn wheels of ours.

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