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Most people fall victim to their cravings being where they typically start to fall off the tracks so why not try to incorporate some healthy actually delicious tasting snacks to keep you on track and moving forward instead of taking one step forward and two steps back all the time.

I don’t know about you but I have a definite sweet tooth which of course is not something that goes hand in hand when it comes to making a healthy lifestyle change but there are some loopholes out there. For example, oatmeal if you don’t like it well learn to like it because it is such a versatile ingredient. You can add splenda, cinnamon, my favorite sugar free syrup etc. Microwave protein cakes, nine times out ten you’re having to have some kind of whey protein whether it be a quick meal during your day or post workout but tell you what next time mix one egg and some cinnamon or whatever else with your one scoop of whey protein and microwave for one minute and top with some sugar free syrup or whatever condiments fit your diet and enjoy. The finished product is a perfectly fluffy delicious cake packed with just about no carbs or fats and all the proteins to refuel your muscles. Being that there were minimal carbs in your delicious protein cake you now have room for more food and in this case my next suggestion is rice cakes. Sounds too simple but it works! Your options range from caramel, chocolate, apple cinnamon and many more and if you’re really daring add your favorite nut butter on top of those bad boys.

Now for my salty cravers I have some easy similar alternatives. Sweet potato fries, I know you’re thinking “what? SWEET potato fries?” YES! Slice up some slivers, toss in olive oil and spices, bake at 415 for about 30 minutes flipping halfway through and when they’re all crisp and delicious toss a good amount of pink himalayan salt over them. Pink himalayan salt will kick that salty craving for sure being much more beneficial than normal table salt because it actually detoxifies the body in the form of a brine type treatment. Second, kale chips! Great way to get your vegetables in as well as kick the craving. Toss a good amount of kale in oil, sprinkle a pinch of cinammon and the pink himalayan salt over them and bake at 375 for about ten minutes and you have perfect crunchy nutrient packed salty chips. So whether it’s low carb, high carb, bulk or shred you can always find a way to enjoy your food.

Next time instead falling victim to those cravings kick them in the butt and tell yourself “I got this!” because remember when we eat good we feel good and look even better.

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