Hit A Wall? Feel Like You’ve Plateaued?

When this happens it’s either one of two circumstances, too much consistency or a mind over matter battle. We see ourselves every single day so naturally we are going to see minimal change in our bodies. But look at the bigger picture are you in a different place from when you first started? Yes? Then keep going! Consistency on the other hand may be the hurdle a lot of us need to learn to overcome. It is ideal to be consistent in effort and commitment but not always in diet and training regimens and here’s why.

By eating the same amount of calories everyday your body will adapt to that intake and come to a standstill. So in that case, to keep your body working hard at shedding those pounds, vary your caloric intake. For example, consume 1,200 calories one day; then reduce to 1,000 calories the next day; and 1,100 the following day. Keep this pattern going, and your body will have to exert more energy to make adjustments, which can trigger bigger weight loss. Same applies with your training if you’ve trained the same muscles, on the same days, doing the same exercises and reps each week your body is going to come to a standstill as well now the training part is more simple than the diet when it comes to solutions. Simply change it up! If your arms grow fast but your shoulders are lacking then lay off the arms and use that day as an extra shoulder day. Some other ideas are incorporating supersets, drop sets, maxes, ploys and increasing/decreasing weight.

Now if you’re like me you’re going to fall under the more difficult of the two circumstances. They say we are our own worst critic and that can not be more true here. That being said it is all in your head! Nine times out of ten you are doing great you are just losing patience and motivation and letting your hormones get the best of you. Stress and anxiety are definitely something to work on and overcome if that is what is adding to your plateau something like FITLIFE NINE by Fit Life Nutrition is something to consider adding to your regimen. It is a mood enhancer and stress reliever allowing you to essentially have that “cloud nine” feeling throughout your day boosting your mood and attitude in return keeping your head on straight so you can kill it everyday with a better more relaxed and positive outlook. Take a second and find out what category you fall under and make moves. Remember it’s about the journey not the destination so don’t quit on the journey.


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