How To Meal Prep On A Budget

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The number one excuse I hear and I’m sure most other professionals hear when it comes to making this lifestyle change is money. Eating healthy has this stuck up expensive connotation when in reality it is the opposite. If you don’t believe me believe the numbers. One out of four Americans eat fast food everyday. Of those one out of four Americans also spend more $100 billion on fast food each year. Let’s say that’s an average of $5-10 each time well by the end of the week that ends up to be your entire batch of chicken for the week plus some extra thrown away most likely.

Now that I’ve thrown out some cold hard facts let’s talk solutions. Now probably the most obvious but overlooked tip is buy in bulk! If you’re dieting correctly you know you’re going to eat between 5-6 meals a day give or take the person so simple math alone will show you you’re going to go through a couple pounds of food a week so you spending the $7 at the store for the deli prepped small three chicken breast packed meat isn’t as smart as going to a wholesale store or just buying one large pack which ends up saving you more per pound anyway. Instead of buying ten dozen eggs buy cartons of whites for your whites and only one dozen carton of egg for the whole eggs. Instead of buying the little prepackaged sugar heavy yogurts buy one large tub of plain greek yogurt. Same goes for other food groups. If you think “oh let me buy the individual packaged rice cups or bags that’ll save time and money” well think again my friend. Take two steps over and purchase the five pound bag of rice and cook it yourself throughout the week.

Especially if you’re a family man or woman you also are no stranger to the magical world of couponing. Places like Aldi, Publix, Trader Joe’s or your local butcher and farmers markets always have fresh products for typically a steal. Trust me you’ll be spending a lot of time in the store learn to love that weekly ad! Another benefit in doing this is knowing wholeheartedly what is in your food. There is nothing worse than playing mix and match or the guessing game when trying to stay on track. My advice is make sure it starts and ends with you.

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